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Automatic valveless gravity filter (avgf)

Jun 5, 2017 at 5:46 AM from India


automatic valveless gravity filter (avgf)
automatic valveless gravity filter (avgf)

Country : All of Africa
Category : Industries

Description :

Most suitable for side stream filtration of re-circulating cooling tower water.  No Moving Parts  No Backwash Pumps, Valves, Flow Controllers Required  No Electrical Requirement for Operation  Automatic Backwash, no need of Manpower  Compact and Modular Design, Uniform High quality treated Water  Minimum sand loss or carry over occurs Stores own reservoir of Backwash water for backwashing purpose Working principle:  VAG Filters operate automatically on the head loss principle.  The head loss at which the VAG initiates backwashing is determined by height of inverted U turn of the top of backwash pipe.  The level of water in this pipe is proportional to the head loss across the filter bed.  The Filter is divided into 3 chambers- Filter Bed Compartment, Filtrate Collection Compartment and Backwash Storage Compartment. Flow range : 5 M3/hr to 750 M3/hr( Stand Alone Units) MOC :Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel Applications: Side Stream Filters for Cooling Water Recirculation, Full Stream Filters Industries Covered :Power, Steel, Fertilizers, Cement, Tyre, Rubber etc.

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