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Cleaning of tanks & process units.

Jun 5, 2017 at 6:11 AM from India


cleaning of tanks & process units.
cleaning of tanks & process units.

Country : All of Africa
Category : Industries

Description :

Sureflo Undertake Process Cleaning in different Industrial Segments. Turnkey Industrial Cleaning and Remediation. Online Cleaning of entire Process units & Equipment. Cleaning of Crude Oil Tanks. Cleaning of Ship Tanks. Online/ On stream cleaning of process units and equipment. Degassing/ Decontamination of process units and equipment. Turnaround Applications. Crude oil tank cleaning (No man entryconcept). FPSO oating vessels tank cleaning (No man entry concept). Pipeline online cleaning. Air ns cooler cleaning. Oil spills cleaning. Fuel treatment ( Combustion improvements). Oil water separation, Dewatering of oily waste. Recovery of hydrocarbons. Considerable reduction in downtime. Reduction in waste generation. Reduction in waste disposal cost.

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