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High rate sand filter

Jun 5, 2017 at 5:51 AM from India


high rate sand filter
high rate sand filter
high rate sand filter

Country : All of Africa
Category : Industries

Description :

High Rate Sand Nozzle-less Filters (SFCT-ZNF) :- * A single SFCT-ZNF filter can treat up to 600 m3/hr of water, and multiple systems can be lined up for higher capacity. * HIGH VELOCITY DESIGN: SFCT-ZNF filters come with an exceptional capacity to operate in high velocities. The filters are competent to operate in a high flow rate of 35 m3/hr/m2 area, double of conventional filters. * SFCT-ZNF is both compact and economical and the filtrate is of superior quality of water. * SPECIAL FILTER MEDIA: The SFCT-ZNF filter medium is a special monocrystalline quartz sand of selected particle size with accurate graduated size. The filters are competent to remove inlet suspended solids (TSS) range up to 100 ppm; unattainable by conventional filtration standards. For more details please visit or call.

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