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Sureflo online robotic sludge cleaning & de-watering system

Jun 5, 2017 at 5:58 AM from India


sureflo online robotic sludge cleaning & de-watering system
sureflo online robotic sludge cleaning & de-watering system

Country : All of Africa
Category : Agricultural / Agribusiness

Description :

Sureflo builds and operates a unique robot machine which removes sludge and sediments from closed, complex industrial structures as cooling towers, holding pools, lagoons, tanks and water bodies. The accumulation of sludge or sediments in these facilities reduces operational efficiency and frequently contains toxic compounds. Handling these hazardous materials in structures like cooling towers or storage tanks imposes serious safety and long-term health risks to workers. The costs of shut-down time required for sludge removal and/or storage in tank or lagoon farms where land values are at a premium add to the problem. Sureflo’s unique, remote controlled Sludge-Eater the operator can work a safe distance from the actual structures from which he must dredge and/or pump sludge. Thanks to its hydraulic controls the unit can operate fully submerged underwater or inside flammable/explosive atmospheres. This allows us to remove sludge from petrochemical plants, cooling towers and oil separators as they operate. The robot is equipped with devices which enable it to work in almost any space eliminating the cost of maintenance shut-downs. The unit is rigidly built to provide powerful operation under harsh conditions. Unique non-electric proximity sensors help the robot navigate around support columns and other architectural features even when the operator is unable to see it. The special propulsion unit and powerful sludge pump adapt to variations in viscosity and insure speedy, efficient and safe completion of the task. Dredging, jetting and cleaning equipment can be attached to accomplish all necessary maintenance in one operation. For more details on Sludge cleaning systems please call or mail us. Application :- Cooling Tower Basins & Sumps. Sludge Lagoons - STP, ETP etc. Phosphoric Acid Sludge Lagoons. Reservoir, Dam, Pond & River. Scale Pits in steal plants. Ponds lagoons in Breweries, Distilleries, Paper Mills. Ash Ponds in Power Plants.

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